Month: March 2019

Early repayment of personal loan: procedures and fees

Early repayment: what is it? If you have taken out consumer credit, you must pay it back over a pre-defined period by paying monthly payments to the bank or credit institution that loaned you money. However, your situation and your may change in the course of your loan, so you may be able to repay Read More

Consolidation Loan Banking Services

Convenience and simplicity S-Mobile Aslo Bank is an institution that advertises itself as a provider of new generation banking services. Although its offer does not bring such a revolution, as one would expect from advertisements, it can not be hidden that people who decide to consolidate a loan in S-Mobile can count on many amenities. Read More

Consumer Credit Rate: Online Comparator

What is an interest rate? Whatever type of consumer credit you choose (car loan, motorcycle loan, work loan, revolving credit, personal loan …), it can be broken down into 2 parts: Capital , that is, the amount needed to complete your project and that you borrow; Interest , that is, the additional amount required by Read More