Month: January 2020

By refinancing and consolidating loans, you can reduce your monthly installment by up to 50%

Again, the repayment date of the loan is approaching, and you are in vain thinking of what to save to manage the monthly payment in full and pay in time? If you have already reduced other expenses to a minimum and you are still unable to repay the loan, it is time to shine on Read More

Repayment rate and debt restructuring.

If the repayment rate is depressing and the debt restructuring leads to a permanent burden Young companies need liquidity. Public subsidies are an attractive way of financing a young company. This has the advantage that the entrepreneur does not have to pay high installments from the start, since this financing instrument usually ensures early years Read More

Building loan – interest and conditions in comparison.

Those who opt for a building loan have various options, because there are a total of four financing models available to implement a building loan. Each home loan model has its own advantages and disadvantages. The classic construction loan includes the annuity loan, the maturity loan and the mortgage loan models. In order to benefit Read More

Debt lapses? See this and 5 more finance myths

There are several myths about finance that often get in the way of our relationship with money. We have listed six finance inventions so you don’t fuss anymore. Debt Overdue No. Debts do not expire after some period. This confusion exists because the Consumer Protection Code gives companies five years to repay debt and calls Read More

How to Plan a Vacation Trip Without Debt

When will you get your next work break? Have you ever wondered how you will use the days off? For if you haven’t started thinking about it yet, take advantage of these tips and find out how to plan a vacation trip without falling into debt. Planning a vacation trip To ensure a smooth, headache-free Read More