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Credit: where to find the lowest borrowing rates?

In this month of March 2015, Lille holds the record for the lowest rate on the market on a 15 to 20 year loan. The city can also be satisfied with an increase in real estate purchasing power. Discover the agglomerations offering the best mortgage rates. With an average rate negotiated on average at 2% over 20 Read More

7 tips to recover a credit

How many of you will have had credits to collect and not be able to get paid? Call and they tell you: tomorrow I will pay, I have already given orders to the administration, I have no money you have to wait a month, I have already made the bank transfer I will send you Read More

Good Credit Bank Retirement Loan Application 25 thousand USD 36 Months

Pensioners, who have regular and guarantee income every month, are a very valuable customer group for banks. In this context, banks that compete in turning pensioners into their own customers undoubtedly benefit the most retirees. Good Credit is one of the advantageous banks that pensioners can presently apply for financing in case of cash needs. Read More

Free credit, interest-free consumption credit

The different free credits There are different types of free credits. Among them : The zero interest loan, also called PTZ, is a free loan whose interest is financed by the State. It allows to acquire new or old housing throughout France but also to do extensive work in housing. The PTZ is granted overwhelmingly Read More

Consumer Credit Rate: Online Comparator

What is an interest rate? Whatever type of consumer credit you choose (car loan, motorcycle loan, work loan, revolving credit, personal loan …), it can be broken down into 2 parts: Capital , that is, the amount needed to complete your project and that you borrow; Interest , that is, the additional amount required by Read More