Debt consolidation

Consolidation Loan Banking Services

Convenience and simplicity

S-Mobile Aslo Bank is an institution that advertises itself as a provider of new generation banking services. Although its offer does not bring such a revolution, as one would expect from advertisements, it can not be hidden that people who decide to consolidate a loan in S-Mobile can count on many amenities. First of all, the procedures that often constitute a real nightmare for the borrowers have been reduced to a minimum. Many activities in the loan granting process have been automated, so that the initial credit decision can be made known to the client immediately after filling out the application. Confirming it, if the form has been filled out truthfully, is practically a formality. An interesting solution is also the option of setting automatic loan repayments, thanks to which we will minimize the risk of late payment and we will not have to remember to make a monthly transfer.


Good conditions

The maximum repayment time for a consolidation loan at S-Mobile is 10 years, so it is one of the longest on the market. As for the maximum amount of the loan – it is PLN 200,000. S-Mobile Aslo Bank was established as a result of establishing cooperation with Meteor Bank, hence the similarity of the offers of these two brands. Compared with Sor, S-Mobile offers more technical facilities, although it does not use promotions such as the guaranteed lowest installment or lower interest rates for people with a clean credit history, therefore, despite the similarity of these offers can not be combined.

Consolidation loan at S-Mobile

Although the S-Mobile offer is undoubtedly very attractive, it is not without flaws. The tightest restrictions on loan insurance seem to be the greatest – in theory we do not have to buy it, but if we do not do it, the interest rate will definitely increase. It should also be noted that there are offers on the market that offer more favorable conditions both in terms of repayment date and the maximum amount of consolidation, although in comparison with S-Mobile competition it definitely exceeds the average.

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