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Free credit, interest-free consumption credit

The different free credits

The different free credits

There are different types of free credits. Among them :

  • The zero interest loan, also called PTZ, is a free loan whose interest is financed by the State. It allows to acquire new or old housing throughout France but also to do extensive work in housing. The PTZ is granted overwhelmingly to first-time buyers and in the acquisition of a principal residence. A zero-interest loan is subscribed with a bank approved by the State;
  • The zero-rate eco-loan is also a free subsidy from the state. It allows the work of a principal residence or housing intended for renting. The only condition: the work undertaken must improve the energy performance of housing. The zero-rate eco-loan can be combined with a PTZ and also subscribes to an approved financial institution;
  • Free consumer credit is often offered by major retailers and especially by dealers who want to boost car sales.

The free consumer credit must have a repayment term of at least 3 months, otherwise, it is not a loan but a simple purchase.

The benefits of free credit

Getting free credit is very economical. The available on many properties such as a home or car. As part of a PTZ, it is possible to up to 40% of his home through the free loan in the new as in the old. The PTZ, like the eco-loan with zero interest rate, is reimbursed on a deferred basis. This one is 5, 10 or 15 years old.

As part of free consumer credit, the customer must receive the best price on the good or the service that he buys dating from at least the last 30 days.

How to get free credit?

To obtain a free credit such as a zero-rate eco-loan or a PTZ, you must contact a bank approved by the State. Most signs are licensed. The amount granted under a zero interest eco-loan is limited to € 30,000. The ceiling is 138 000 € for the PTZ. The amount of free credit depends on the geographical area of ​​housing but also the annual income of the household. Most often, free credits supplement a mortgage and allow future owners to make significant savings.

However, as part of a free Consolidation loan, the seller or dealer has an agreement with a bank to offer you this type. Nevertheless, you will be able to take out this loan directly from him without going through a credit institution.

The obligations of the seller or the establishment are also the same as for a traditional credit offer concerning the procedures on the loan offer where you must absolutely find:

  • The total amount of the free loan;
  • The duration and the number of monthly payments;
  • The consumer credit rate is 0%;
  • The possible ancillary expenses: expenses of file, insurance …;
  • Early repayment capabilities.

Free credit comparison


Thanks to the consumer credit comparator on Becky, you can compare the rates offered by different banks but also inform you about free credits. It will take just a few minutes to find the best to acquire a good or service of your choice.

So for your personal projects, you simply and quickly carry out a free credit simulation and choose the best according to your needs and your budget. Pay close attention to these free credit offers to make sure you do not pay interest over time.

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