Debt consolidation

Loan repayment pattern

Pattern loan repayment

Pattern loan repayment

What exactly a model contract for a loan looks like at a bank, nobody can say. You will also find here the basic information that can also be found in the private loan agreements. The Borrower confirms the receipt of the loan amount with his signature. For second-degree graduates, the maximum duration of the first degree course funded by the Federal financial aid loan is crucial.

Lender VN Last Name Address

Lender VN Last Name Address

The payment of the loan amount is transferred from the to the postal account number. The loan is not interest-bearing. b): The loan bears interest at a fixed interest rate of 1.00%. Interest will be charged from the value date of the invoice. 

The interest on the loan is variable and amounts to 0.75% below the reference rate published by the housing office for and is adjusted accordingly at the beginning of each semester. Interest will be charged from the time of the transfer. 

The loan has an unlimited duration. It can be terminated at the earliest after twelve months from the date of transfer. The loan is available on both sides at the end of the month terminable subject to a half-yearly period notice period A cancellation is only valid if it is sent by registered mail.

Framework agreement

Framework agreement

Under this framework agreement, the contracting parties intend to enter into securities loans. Both sides can be both lenders and borrowers. The lender lends the borrower collateral in the form of a loan. The Borrower is entitled to the reimbursement of similar titles, quality and number. This Framework Agreement (“Separate Financial Statements”) is subject to the following rules.

If the contractual parties have agreed on a separate financial statement, BuyNer will send the content to the business partner in written, telex, telegraphic, telegraphic, fax or similar form. 2. A signed copy of the financial statements may be required by either party, but is not a prerequisite for the legal validity of. In individual financial statements, the lender will provide the agreed collateral (“collateral”) (“delivery”) from the borrower on for the specified date Acquire handover (“value date”).

The contracting parties agree that with the surrender the unrestricted or another object is usual at the depositary usual, which passes to the borrower. For this purpose, the lender shall, as far as necessary, provide all further necessary information to explanations. In the case of registered shares with limited transferability, the borrower is authorized to transfer the shares to dispose.

If the loan collateral is not delivered on the value date, the borrower is authorized to withdraw from notification of non-delivery and after expiry of a period of one bank working day to assert claims for damages against non-performance of the individual financial statements or against the annual financial statements. If, on one bank working day, the loan amounts of one side fall below the other bank’s lending sums, the latter is entitled at any time to demand compensation from the bank.

The value adjustment is calculated from the sum of the loan amounts and must be made when the minimum amount specified in no. 11 (7) is reached. The loan amount of a contracting party is calculated as follows: Deposits from the nominal amount plus accrued compound interest. The value is matched by agreed remuneration.

The value-compulsorily liable party is obliged to reuse the services received from him which have not yet been used. If no express provision is made regarding the service to be provided, the deliveries of EUR-denominated debt securities of the FRG shall be deemed approved. By way of derogation, the services provided in the course of the impairment may be redeemed in whole or in part by cash payments in EUR or in EUR government bonds without the consent of the other contracting party.

The replacement will take place one business day after receipt of a notice of reimbursement for the service to be replaced. The fees incurred in connection with the exchange, such. B. for VAT, fees or other charges incurred are at his expense. In this framework agreement, the provisions under “above” apply to value-adjusted collateral, with the exception of No. 5, No. 7, Paragraphs 1 to 3 and No. 8.

The borrower pays the lender a fee (“Loan Fee”) for each security loan. The loan payment is calculated from the percentage pa in the individual financial statements in relation to the market value of the collateral on the day specified in the separate financial statements. The loan payment is calculated under for the period from the value date (inclusive) to the bank working day (exclusive) on which the Securities returned to the lender were delivered (“return date”).

The lending fees are calculated by the house bank at the beginning of the calendar month for the previous month and are payable on the second bank working day after receipt of the invoice. The lenders are entitled to the securities paid during the term of the loan. The consideration shall be paid by the borrower with a value date equal to the date of actual payment by the publisher plus the amount of the withheld tax and customs duties and the tax credit to the lender.

lender to tax refund or credit. Corrective shares issued during the loan period and any remaining partial rights in the securities under are part of the respective annual financial statements and must be submitted by the borrower to the borrower on the return date. If the subscription right is not linked to the bonds, the borrower must make the bonds available to the borrower on the third day of trading in the subscription rights at the latest.

Otherwise, the lender is authorized to purchase the subscription rights on the following bank business day for billing the borrower or to assert claims for damages due to non-performance. a) by the lender at any time with a deadline of at least 3 bank business days; b) by the borrower at any time with a deadline of at least one bank working day. Notice of termination will not come into force until the next bank working day.

For a perpetual loan, the term expires at the latest one year after the value date. The borrower has to return the borrower to the agreed account under Fäl â € “Section 3 (2) applies mutatis mutandis.â € In the case of registered shares redeemable, the lender carries the risk of loss of being not registered by the issuer under the register of shareholders.

In the case of exchange offers, settlement offers or other open purchase offers, the credit collateral will be returned on the second bank working day prior to the acceptance period or the offer, provided that the party obliged to return has learned of the publication of the offer at the latest on the last bank working day prior to the acceptance period. The same applies to those who are sub-divided into series or groupings, or terminated on repayment. within the meaning of no. 9 (1) only if the delivery deadline 9 sentence 1 sentence 2 is not fulfilled, unless there is another important reason.

The default interest rate is the ECONIA reference rate indexed to the EUR, published on the telerate page 247. This is when bankruptcy or other insolvency proceedings are required of a person’s property and the latter has either filed the order or is insolvent or is otherwise in a situation that would justify the opening of such insolvency proceedings.

In the event of termination by termination or insolvency, claims no longer exist for delivery or return of collateral and service. In order to determine this, all the claims of the Contracting Parties, including those received under No 4 and not yet reimbursed, shall be set off against each other. The latter is considered a claim of the service provider.

A further claim for damages of the claimant can not be ruled out. The contracting party will cancel the contract and / or (entitled) will charge the claim for damages. This shall be determined on the basis of substitute transactions concluded immediately, which shall result in the parties being entitled to compensation for all remuneration and other achievements due to them by proper contract.

In his opinion, he has the authority to conclude a suitable contract. If it refuses to conclude such replacement transactions, it may use the amount of money it uses to issue such replacement transactions on the basis of interest rates, forward rates, prices, stock market prices, indices and other measures of value, and expenses and expenses at the time of termination or of Bankruptcy proceedings should have gained knowledge.

For This applies to the items referred to in paragraph 4. The claimant may offset the counterparty’s claim for damages calculated in accordance with sentence 3. If fees, fees or charges are levied on the delivery and return of loan documents, these shall be borne by the borrower and, in the case of services pursuant to section 4, by the debtor.

For the purposes of this Agreement, any bank working day shall be deemed to be any day on which the credit institutions are open on the financial center / financial centers referred to in the respective annual accounts of the counterparty and the settlement of the corresponding activated clearing systems is effected. If a due date is not a bank business day, the next bank business day is decisive.

The “stock market value” Loaned securities are determined for listed securities by the spot price fixed on the stock exchange or, if no spot price is available, by the spot price of the home market of the respective securities involved, including interest expense on interest-bearing securities. For unlisted securities, no securities trading takes place on a bank business day or no spot price on any one day; the market value is the arithmetical mean of two buy prices quoted by two exchange participants, each of which has specified one of the parties, including interest on interest-bearing securities.

For determining the market value of the subscription rights, the above provisions apply mutatis mutandis. The assignment of rights and obligations under this contract requires the prior written, telex, telegraphic, faxed or otherwise informed consent of the other party. Shipments of faxes are at the expense of the sender, unless the recipient has not performed the check with due care.

Any resulting agreement gaps will be created by supplemental ones, taking into account the concerns of the parties. In this paragraph the following is to be ticked: The order in the present version for all possible separate financial statements of the contracting parties under the general order for securities lending transactions is also valid. The interpretation of the General Contract for Securities Lending Transactions shall remain as far as relevant in the individual financial statements made under it as required for the understanding of the provisions contained in the individual financial statements.

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