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The latest edition of the RTIH Top 100 Retail Technology Influencers List is here! Here are the people who made a splash in 2021 and are ready for a 2022 barnstorm.

RTIH scoured the world of retail technology to find the most influential people in this comprehensive list of people and trends that shaped the industry in 2021 and will continue to drive it forward in 2022.

2021 has been a year like no other.

As Covid-19 continues to cause a seismic shift in shopping habits, and as free stores, fast delivery services, metaverse and NFTs have taken hold of the mainstream, this has been one of the most eventful in the history of retail technology. .

But behind all the news headlines were the people who worked and helped grow the retail technology space.

The top 100 RTIH Retail Technology influencer profiles will be released daily in batches of ten, starting with 100 all the way up to 91.

Following this, the full list of influencers will be published here.

So without further ado, let’s get this party started…

Toby Pickard

Biography Twitter: Provider of information on innovations, trends and futures | Speaker | Solutions that improve retail.

Eva Pascoe

Biography Twitter: Cybercafe Cyberia pioneer, ex-Topshop e-commerce, @ShopifyPlus, Cybersalon, retailtech, Future High Street, GrimseyReview 2.0.

Wendy MacKinnon

Biography Twitter: Mobile Retail Consultant Founder SelfPay by @DigitalRetailApps. Founder of PayTechs of Canada. @Iveybusiness alum.

Nadine Sharara

Nadine is Marketing Manager at Selfridges and member of the RTIH Innovation Awards jury.

Bob Phibbs

Biography Twitter: Bob Phibbs, the retail doctor. Professional speaker on retail, training and marketing. Author, blogger, business makeover specialist, retail influencer.

Olivier Banks

Biography Twitter: Helping retailers transform their operations as an independent consultant. Retail Transformation Show podcast host. Dad of two. Husband. Serious handyman!

Miya Knights

Miya is co-author of Omnichannel Retail and Amazon: How the World’s Most Relentless Retailer will Continue to Revolutionize Commerce, as well as a regular media commentator and speaker.

Tiffany’s Lung

Tiffany is a retail analystwriter and jury member of the RTIH Innovation Awards.

Sarah Friswell

Sarah is CEO of Red Ant.

Recent achievements include achieving Great Place to Work certification (with a score of 90% in the Trust Index Survey) and leading the way for women in tech, the team of experts in technology at Red Ant being 59% female and dedicated to diversity and inclusion since the company’s inception.

Richard Hammond

Biography Twitter: Author of Friction/Reward and Smart Retail; sold worldwide in 22 languages. Created friction versus reward (FvR) measurement, loves retail and customers.

How to identify the top 100?

We use a variety of sources to select our top 100, including feedback from industry observers, research within our own networks, direct or third-party nominations through our website, and social media tools.

In addition to social presence, we also consider award winners, speakers, published books, media appearances, and people building innovative businesses, solutions, and more. in the retail space.

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