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FARGO – Two women are shaken after they say they were followed by suspicious men at the Walmart on South 52nd Avenue in Fargo.

On Wednesday evening, the women say they were out shopping, when four men started following them and taking pictures.

The two then got help from store employees, who eventually escorted them to their car.

“My two-month-old son tied me up. She’s pregnant… I’m so thankful we caught him. I don’t know what could have happened if we hadn’t,” said one of the women. who wished to remain anonymous for his safety.

WDAY caught up with them on Friday, September 23, after one of them posted on Facebook warning others.

The post made by a woman who was followed in Walmart.

They say they were followed virtually everywhere in the store. In the baby aisle, the grocery section and everywhere else, by men ranging in age from their early twenties to their late fifties.

The women say the men pushed empty carts to appear as shoppers, before following them to the checkout.

They attribute their own vigilance, to escape the situation.

“They’re looking at us, looking at each other. We’re freaking out and we don’t know what to do,” the other woman said.

According to the Fargo police, the women did everything just about perfectly.

“You need to be aware of your surroundings. You need to know who’s around you, who’s following you, where to go if you need to go somewhere. Have a plan,” Fargo Police Lt. Bill Ahlfeldt said. “And it seems that’s what this individual did. So she handled it properly.”

Their only mistake? They didn’t call the police.

“I guess it probably would have crossed their minds. Should we call the police, or shouldn’t we? Always call the police. If you have to ask yourself that question, call. And if there’s nothing we can do, we’ll tell you. If we can do something, well, we’ll do it,” Ahlfeldt said.

WDAY News contacted Walmart to verify the story, but did not hear back.

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