Costco’s secret loophole means any shopper can get a membership card

As the cost of living rises, thousands of households are struggling to keep their heads above water. Discount retailers can provide massive help, especially for bulk purchases of canned goods or household goods.

Costco wholesalers offer savings on food, furniture, household items as well as a plethora of other items. However, there is a catch – not everyone can shop there.

To even enter a warehouse or shop online, you must have a membership card. But they are not accessible to everyone: you must either be a trader, trader (such as small grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants and takeaways) or work, or be retired from certain professions.

These include public sector workers such as NHS doctors, emergency services and local government. For as little as £15 you can buy online, but only members can visit the warehouses themselves.

There is also an Executive Membership available for £74.40 for ordinary shoppers, which includes 2% cashback on many purchases, reports the Liverpool Echo. Earlier this week, Costco was the subject of a Channel 5 show called “Costco – Is it really worth it?”

The company is actually what the show’s consumer experts described as “a mysterious and very private club.” That means not everyone can walk to the nearest Costco warehouse.

At first glance, this would seem a little frustrating for everyday bargain hunters and struggling families. But Channel 5 has revealed a way for anyone to bypass the normal membership criteria and shop till they drop.

The show’s producers phoned a store to inquire about membership. A Costco customer advisor told them all of the above was true. This was later confirmed by three other Costco stores, however, the remaining 25 warehouses did not respond.

The revelation means that anyone willing to try and get a good deal at the wholesaler could save a bigger fee thanks to the benefits they already owe. It’s a great way to save money and get a great deal on your store.

There are currently 29 Costco warehouses scattered across the UK, along with other well-known ‘cash and carry’ wholesalers including Booker and Macro.

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