HempBox’s CBD vending machines to be operated at points of sale in Tangier, with an educational touch

HempBox, a wholly owned subsidiary of Green Globe International Inc. (GGII), has partnered with High Street CBD to run a pilot program placing vending machines of CBD products at select Tangier outlets.

The Tanger Factory Outlet Centers pilot program also has an educational dimension. It will seek to expand consumer knowledge about the benefits of CBD products, HempBox officials said.

High Street owns and operates two CBD stores in Columbus, OH. HempBox offers a kiosk solution for smart technology in the vending to provide consumers with nutraceuticals, CBD, hemp, herbs and spices. High Street offers natural solutions and holistic education.

For the pilot, High Street and HempBox will initially place two CBD vending machines in some outlets in Tangier for a 90-day trial. Once the trial is complete, the companies hope to place additional CBD sellers at more than 30 locations in Tangier, United States. CBD Machines will sell the High Street’s best-selling CBD products.

To proactively direct traffic to vending machines, rather than waiting for customers to drive or pass them, GGII and High Street are planning to use ad campaigns to target customers. Consumers “Googling” CBD, hemp cigarettes or smoking products, among other products, may see an advertisement promoting the machines in Tangier stores.

Each vending machine will have its own IP address, so when Google is searched, the vending machine will be displayed much like existing High Street stores, except the vending machines will be open all the time.

“High Street CBD and HempBox-GGII are excited about the unique benefits offered by the vending machine joint venture, which solves two of the most important issues regarding CBD sales and purchases,” explained the CEO of GGII, Sandro Piancone. “First, each vending machine will have multiple video screens. The first, at the top of the machine, will feature educational videos highlighting the difference between CBD and THC and the benefits of CBD. Second, vending machines stop the problem of consumer and employee theft in all retail businesses. “

In addition to the educational video screens above the HempBox vending machines, each is equipped with a 55 “touchscreen for product purchases and additional advertising space.

“GGII and High Street CBD understand the importance of education in the emerging CBD market,” added Dr. Stuart Titus, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GGII. “There are many in Ohio who still need to know the difference between THC and CBD, psychoactive and non-psychoactive cannabis, and how these non-psychoactive cannabinoids interact with the body’s internal self-regulatory system, the endogenous cannabinoid system. and the multiple receptor sites within us.

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