Simple ways to save money on restaurants, gas, electronics and more

Whereas inflation has fallen slightly over the past month, prices are still at record highs. This includes groceries, medical care, and other necessities like tampons. That said, you might be looking for ways to save money and offset rising costs.

When prices are high, spending less on dining out or shopping can pay off big time. Luckily, I’ve found a few ways to keep doing the things you love while saving money.

Keep reading to find out ways to save on dining out and filling up your gas tank, as well as how to get a better deal on appliances. For more money-saving tips, check out these easy and free ways to save money on your gas, electric and water bills.

Buy discounted gift cards for shopping and dining out

If you often spend money on dining out and shopping, you’ll want to know this tip. You can buy gift cards online with a balance greater than what you pay. It’s true. People often get gift cards to stores and restaurants they don’t like or will never go to and they sell them online. You can also get a small cashback. Here are a few places to check out.

CardCash: You can buy unwanted gift cards on CardCash and it will tell you the amount of the card and what you are paying. Simply search for any store or restaurant you frequent to see what’s available. For example, I found a $25 Cheesecake Factory gift card for $20.48 (18.1% savings). Plus, the site is offering $3 off your $25 purchase offer if you’re new. CardCash offers a 45-day money-back guarantee on all purchases

Granny gift card: This one works a little differently. You earn money for every gift card you buy on Granny Gift Voucher. For example, a $50 Lowe’s card will earn you $0.50. Gift Card Granny has a “100% Lifetime Guarantee” on its gift cards.

Save Money on Gas with Membership Clubs

Although the average gas price has come down, you may still be thinking of ways to save a little at the pump. Here’s an idea: join a membership club. Here are a few places that offer fuel discounts (and other perks). Also, check out these other ways to save gas.

Kroger: When you spend money on groceries at Kroger, the total spent is converted into points that you can use for fuel. Each month, for every 100 points earned, you get $0.10 off, up to $1 off per gallon. Your points expire at the end of the following month. Even if you don’t have any points, you can still save $0.03 per gallon at the pump.

Sam’s Club: You can become a Member of Sam’s Club by paying an annual fee of $45. With this, you can save $0.05 per gallon when buying gasoline.

Walmart More: If you join WalmartMore for $98 a year, you can save $0.05 per gallon at the pump – and that includes Sam’s Club gas stations.

Costco: A $60 Costco membership gives you access to one of the cheapest places to buy gas in the United States.

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Save on things you often spend money on.

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Shop Used, Refurbished & Open Box Devices

Not quite ready to spend $1,000 on a cell phone or other electronic device? You do not have to. Instead, you can shop for used goods and refurbished appliances, as well as products considered open box. Check these places.

Amazon warehouse: You can find pre-owned, used, and open box items in excellent condition from Amazon Warehouse. I bought an Ecovacs Deebot “open box” at a crazy price and it was still in its original packaging. Sometimes these items are purchased and returned unopened, but should still be classified as “used” and “open box”.

Best Buy Outlet Deals: Just like Amazon, Best Buy has its own section for open box deals. For example, I found an Apple iPad Pro for $946 open box. The original price is $1,099. For refurbished or used products, you can choose to see only those devices by checking the boxes under the “Condition” section.

Apple: Do you only use Apple products? Check Apple Refurbished Items where you can save on iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch and more. Although you can’t find the latest iPhone 13 (yet), you can still save $250 on the iPhone 11 Pro.

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