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Updated August 26, 2022: Each week, we’ll post a new weekly price chart of 11 grocery staples to help you compare between multiple stores in the Triangle area.

The aim is to help shoppers track price changes over time and decide where to shop each week.

What grocery prices are going up?

Chicken and ground beef continue to be expensive per pound, and ground beef prices appear to have increased in the past week. According to our data from six stores, the cheapest chicken can be purchased at Walmart ($2.94/lb) and the cheapest ground beef can be purchased at Aldi ($3.99/lb).

Milk and bread were most affordable at Aldi, while eggs were cheapest at Harris Teeter and Lowes.

What food staples does the WRAL SmartShopper track?

  1. Russet potatoes, 5 lbs.
  2. Carrots, baby cut and peeled, one 1 lb bag.
  3. Bananas, price per pound
  4. Iceberg lettuce, price per head
  5. Chicken breast, boneless, skinless (often sold in economical packaging). We will report the price per pound.
  6. 80% lean ground beef (often sold in value packs). We will report the price per pound.
  7. Eggs, 1 dozen house brand
  8. Milk, 2%, 1 gallon
  9. White sandwich bread, 20-22 oz, house brand
  10. Peanut butter, 16-18 oz, usually store brand
  11. Grape jelly, 32 oz, usually store brand

What are the most popular grocery stores in the Triangle?

  • Aldi
  • Lion food
  • Harris Teeter
  • Lowes Foods
  • walmart
  • Wegman

These are the stores you told us you frequent the most in the Triangle.

What are the prices for basic groceries this week?

To see prices for each item at each store, simply click on a product in the table below for a list.


Grocery prices are for stores in the Raleigh and Cary area as of August 26, 2022

Tracking methodology

Each week, we will track the prices of the stores mentioned above using store websites, online shopping portals or apps. Prices will be for Raleigh or Cary stores.

These prices are only valid at specific stores in the Triangle area that have been verified that week, and prices may vary from store to store, even within the same chain in the same city. To check the price in your store, go to the website or app.

Here’s how we find the prices each week:

Aldi prices were found by shopping online by selecting pickup at the Wake Forest Road location.

Lion food prices were found on the Food Lion website for the Jones Franklin Road store in Raleigh.

Harris Teeter prices were found on the Harris Teeter Express Lane shopping portal for the Cary store on Harrison Ave. and Maynard Road.

Lowes Foods prices were found on the Lowes Foods website in their online shopping portal for the Brier Creek location in Raleigh using the Pick-Up option.

walmart prices were found on Walmart’s website for the Raleigh store at 4431 New Bern Ave. for pickup.

Wegman prices were found on the Wegmans website for the Raleigh store at Wake Towne Drive for in-store purchases.

Additional Considerations:

Prices above reflect private label items. The only time a non-private label product was selected was when a private label item was not available. In this case, we have selected the cheapest item.

Stores like Harris Teeter and Food Lion offer discounts on brand name products to VIC and MVP members. To maintain accuracy when comparing grocery prices across multiple stores, we have not listed VIC or MVP prices, but members are encouraged to use their card or phone number at checkout to get these cheaper prices. .

Some grocery stores have fuel rewards programs that allow you to save money on gas at their stations when you buy groceries, which can help lower living expenses even further.

one of us WRAL SmartShopperFacebook readers, Tom Hartrick, shared this comment on the use of rewards in essence: “Something may be beyond the scope of this business, but to consider on the whole are rewards programs, where for example Harris Teeter has fuel points which can save customers gas.”

If the grocery store you’re shopping at offers fuel rewards, be sure to take advantage of the extra savings.

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