Snap Inc. announces new augmented reality tools and camera experiences for Snapchatters, creators and businesses

SANTA MONICA, Calif .– (BUSINESS WIRE) –Snap Inc. (NYSE: SNAP) today announced new augmented reality tools and camera experiences for Snapchatters, creators and businesses. Alongside its partners, Snap is building a camera that transforms the way its community interacts with the world around them through access to contextual information and richer augmented reality experiences.

Over 5 billion Snaps are created each day on average, making the Snapchat camera one of the most used in the world. Snapchat opens up to the camera, so it’s central to how the global Snapchat community communicates with their friends, expresses themselves and learns about the world.

Scan and Camera Shortcuts

The scan allows Snapchatters to search millions of lenses by matching what is seen through the camera to the most relevant AR experiences on Snapchat. Over 170 million Snapchatters scan the world around them each month, displaying delicious and informative Lenses from creators and partners. Today, Snap brings the Scan button to the fore, bringing it to the main Snapchat camera screen.

Snap introduces new categories of intelligence to Scan with its partners. Screenshop gives purchase recommendations from hundreds of brands when Snapchatters scan a friend’s outfit, and Snapchatters can also select photos from Memories to scan with Screenshop. Soon, Allrecipes will be recommending recipes based on ingredients seen through the Snapchat camera.

Scan not only connects Snapchatters to lenses seamlessly, but will also offer suggestions for new ways to use the Snapchat camera.

Snap introduces Camera Shortcuts, which are new combinations of creative tools that allow Snapchatters to creatively capture moments to share with friends. Camera shortcuts suggest camera modes, lenses, and soundtracks to match what’s seen through the Snapchat camera, and are starting to roll out today.

Lens studio

Lens Studio is a powerful, free desktop application that allows any creator, developer, or business to combine a range of technical and creative capabilities to create, publish, and promote lenses. The Lens Studio community has grown to over 200,000 creators, and they’ve made almost 2 million lenses.

Today, Snap updates Lens Studio with advanced tools that allow creators to create even more robust and innovative lenses for gaming, education, shopping, and more, and fine-tune them over time. Lens Studio now has connected lenses, which allow your friends to interact with each other in real time, whether they are located in the same room or across the world. Snap and the LEGO Group created the first connected goal, so starting today friends can collaborate build with LEGO bricks on Snapchat.

In addition, Lens Studio now offers 3D body mesh, fabric simulation and a visual effects editor, which makes AR look and move more realistic than ever. SnapML now allows creators to import their own custom ML models that analyze and generate audio, so goals can respond to audio. Visual Classification brings the power of Scan to Lens Studio, allowing creators to create lenses that include more than 500 object categories. As goals get more advanced, new goal analysis gives creators the information they need to create even more engaging and lingering experiences. Anonymous and aggregated data offers in-depth information to help creators learn from their audiences and create better goals, while protecting privacy.

Visit to download and create with Lens Studio.

AR trial and business solutions

Snap showcases new AR trial experiences with fashion partners, bringing Snapchatters and the businesses they care about through the Snapchat camera. FARFETCH delivers an immersive shopping experience using 3D Body Mesh and voice commands, allowing Snapchatters to now say the items they are looking to browse and try in AR. Prada leverages new gesture recognition capabilities that allow shoppers to signal to the camera when they want to try on another item.

Brands and businesses can deliver valuable and scalable solutions with the Snapchat Camera. Snap introduces API-compatible lenses, allowing businesses to leverage dynamic and automatic ways to present real-time content in AR. Thanks to Snap’s partnership with Perfect Corp, The Estée Lauder Companies will be among the first to take advantage of Snap’s AR Shopping platform tools. By integrating their product catalog through Snap’s API into Business Manager, brands like M A C Cosmetics can create goals from new AR Shopping templates and post them on Snapchat, based on a product inventory. in real time.

In addition to API-enabled buying goals, Snap is also working with some partners to embed real-time content into goals, which allows Snaps to better capture the moment. As of today, Major League Baseball brings live game statistics directly to Lenses.

With public profiles for businesses, brands can establish a permanent presence on Snapchat to showcase their goals, strengths and stories. Public profiles also allow businesses to browse, try, and buy through stores, turning Snapchat into a new point of sale.

A new Creator Marketplace connects businesses with creators to create AR experiences, helping businesses increase their presence on Snapchat by leveraging the expertise of the Lens Creator community.

Businesses and creators can start

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