The Le Creuset bread oven offers a new way to bake breads

Many people have started baking bread during the pandemic, leading some to rely on Dutch ovens or bread machines to make loaves. And Le Creuset has just released a new stoneware designed to help you bake your bread: the Four à Pain Le Creuset. The brand says you can also use it to make pastries, meats and vegetables.

Le Creuset is well known for its Dutch oven models, one of which is featured in our guide to Dutch ovens. But the brand said the bread oven is meant to build on – not compete with – Dutch oven bread. It’s designed similarly to a bread dome, a kitchen tool like this much-loved model by Emile Henry that houses the bread as it rises and is then transferred to the oven to bake the bread. The Le Creuset bread oven, however, is designed to optimize the baking process.

The Le Creuset bread oven is oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and dishwasher safe. Inspired by a bakery steamer, the bread oven features a domed lid to trap and circulate steam. Le Creuset says this helps create a crispy crust and tender interior. The bread oven’s low-profile base is meant to make it easier to remove bread after baking, and the brand says it features raised interior ridges to evenly brown bread without using parchment paper.

Plus, raised ridges imprint “Le Creuset” and three rings into the bottom of the loaf while baking. The bread oven is crafted with cast iron and the interior is constructed with the brand’s matte black satin enamel, which it claims reduces sticking, is easy to clean and won’t show oil, stains, etc. stains or other marks over time compared to sand enamel.

To help you move the bread maker from your cooking surface to the oven, it features Le Creuset Signature Loop Handles. The lid also has a button that you can grab when removing it.

The bread oven is currently available in eight colours: White, Cherry, Flame, Caribbean, Marseille, Chambray, Sea Salt and Agave. If you’re looking to explore other kitchen utensils to use when baking bread, we covered Misen’s Dutch Oven launch last summer. We’ve also rounded up a handful of bread makers if you’d rather let the device automate certain steps in the baking process.

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