Wales’ sausage king celebrates as sales hit 340million mark

Wales’ best-known butcher has gone global – its ever-popular pork sausages now span the globe.

Sales of Edwards’ bangers surpassed the 340 million banger mark – chained enough to reach more than 24,000 miles around the equator, and they released new packaging to celebrate the milestone.

They can be found in supermarkets across the UK as well as villages and corner shops in Wales and the colorful new branding of their range of premium products proudly features the silhouette of Conwy Castle.

Company founder Ieuan Edwards started trading in 1984 on Conwy High Street, where the company still has a store in addition to its production headquarters just outside of town.

Ieuan said: “We are very proud of our roots here in Conwy and our heritage, but we believe ours is a brand for the whole of Wales and beyond, as well as our home town.

“Wales is synonymous with high quality food. We know the Welsh landscape and our green pastures are an important part of it and that’s why we’ve featured it on the new packaging.

“For example, all of our beef has IGP – Indication Géographique Protégée status, which means it has benefited from the unique countryside and climate we have here in Wales, which gives it a truly unique taste.

“We are Edwards the Welsh Butcher and this is about driving the brand forward and emphasizing the exceptional quality of our products and our passion for Wales as much as the food it produces.

“Although we are growing, quality is always at the heart of everything we do. We still make these sausages with a machine similar to the one in our high street shop, although this is hand operated.

“We always use Red Tractor approved premium pork shoulder to deliver the meaty bite and juicy taste that our customers love.

“Our bacon is still dry-cured by hand and I always have the final say on the quality of every new product.

“We still create and sell high-quality handcrafted products, but we sell them to a wider customer base.”

There are 26 products in the Edwards range, from award-winning sausages, beef and chicken burgers and bacon and gammon with seasonal variations for Christmas and summer barbecues.

Since 2004 their products have been stocked in all major supermarkets in Wales and increasingly in England, while the original butcher’s shop was crowned Best Butchers Shop in the UK in 2014 and has since been crowned three times Best Butchers Shop in Wales.

With increased demand in England as well, the business expanded by redesigning its headquarters to allow the business to keep pace, hiring 20 more staff and also adding additional refrigerated storage, improved equipment for the staff, new offices and a new product development kitchen.

This will see them double their production to over 80 tonnes a week thanks to the company’s self-funded £2.6 million investment with further support from the Welsh Government’s Rural Community Development Program and a loan of HSBC.

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